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The Energy and Climate Change Center (E3C)

Vison & Missions ?

E3C, a recognized leader in the rresearch and production of innovative ideas

Our vision

The Energy and Climate Change Center (E3C) is a recognized provider of high-quality advisory services that enables sustainable growth in developing countries.

The Centre for Energy and Climate Change (E3C) has the following tasks

E3C is committed to providing technical, policy and financial strategies that support sustainable growth, improve access to energy and reduce poverty in developing countries.
The objective of this firm is to become a center of reference in providing environmental consultations and solutions on energy projects and climate change related issues. It provides a variety of services and solutions ranging from environmental and social impact assessments, project development support, technological solutions and tools, technical and financial advice and guidance in the energy, environmental and carbon management sectors.
Our clients and stakeholders include, government ministries and agencies, private companies (energy, Oil and gas, industry, mining, tourism, conservation, agriculture, habitat, renewables, infrastructure projects etc…), Multilateral and bilateral organisations (UN Agencies, Development Banks, USAID, AFD, etc.)
With its headquarters based in Senegal, E3C covers the entire continent of Africa, as well as parts of the Middle East and Latin America.

Climate Change represents a major challenge for humanity. The consequences of climate change have a devastating effect on already established economic models, as well as on entire ecosystems. Even though, developed, industrialized nations are responsible for the great majority of the emissions that cause climate change, developing countries, notably African countries are the most vulnerable to its effects. Innovation in all socio economic sectors (industry, agriculture, transportation), coupled with courageous policies represent the adequate response that will help our countries face the climate change challenge. On the other hand, climate change represents an excellent opportunity for developing countries, not to repeat the mistakes made by the industrialized nations whose economies are based on intensive utilization of fossil fuels.


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